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CORONAVIRUS - rules for travel/movement

  1. Can I travel/move inside Italy? You cannot leave your house unless you have a valid reason. Limits of movement/travel are the same in all of Italian Regions and are in force from the 10th of march to the 3rd of April 2020. There will be police controls. It is forbidden to leave one’s house if one is in quarantine or positive to the virus. In case of symptoms of respiratory infections or temperatures higher than 37,5 degrees it is strongly recommended to stay at home, call the doctor and reduce contacts with other people.
  2. Which are valid reasons to leave one’s house? You can leave your house to go to work, for health reasons or in case of need/necessity. To prove any of these reasons you must fill in a self-certification; it can be filled during police controls. Further checks will be taken to test if the declaration is true.
  3. Can I go back home (domicile or residence)? Yes, and remember that you’ll be able to leave only to go to work, in case of necessity/need and for health reasons.
  4. If I live in a town and work in another one, can I go back and forth? Yes, if it is a movement justified by working necessity.
  5. Can I use public transport? There will be no public transport stop. Public and private transport work regularly.
  6. Is it possible to leave the house to buy food? Yes, there’s no need to stock up. Shops will always be stocked up. There’s no limit to goods transit: all goods can circulate on the state territory, non only the indispensable ones.
  7. Can we go out to buy goods other than food? Yes, but only in case of strict necessity, only for the purchase of goods related to primary needs that cannot be postponed.
  8. Can I go to eat with relatives? No, because it is not a necessary movement and therefore it is not among the allowed ones.
  9. Can I go to assist my elder relatives who are not self-sufficient? Yes. However, remember that the elderly are the most vulnerable people and therefore try to protect them from contacts as much as possible.
  10. Are physical activities allowed outdoors? Sport and physical activities carried out in open spaces are allowed in compliance with the interpersonal distance of one meter. In any case, gatherings must be avoided.
  11. Can I go out with my dog? Yes, for the daily management of its physiological needs and for veterinary checks.
  12. What happens to those who do not respect the limitations? Violation of the provisions is punished with an arrest of up to three months or a fine of up to 206 euros, according to the provisions of article 650 of the penal code on non-compliance with an authority measure. More severe penalties can be imposed on those who adopt behaviors that constitute more serious hypotheses of crime.

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